Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona’s Endorsed Candidates for the State General Election

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona (PPAA) proudly endorses 55 candidates statewide, plus an additional nine local candidates, for the general election on November 6, 2012. Click on the links to the candidates in your district and find out why PPAA is supporting them!

Click here if you are unsure of who is running in your district. Remember, district lines have been redrawn!

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out which federal candidates have been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Don’t want to wait at the polls? Get on your county’s Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) and receive a mail-in ballot at home! Click here to download the form or call us at 602-263-4226 for more information.

2012 Pro-Choice, Pro-Women’s Health Primary Candidates
Candidates without ENDORSED next to their name are pro-women’s health but have not been endorsed by PPAA.

Legislative District 2
Senate: Senator Linda Lopez – ENDORSED
House: Andrea Dalessandro – ENDORSED (read interview)
Rosanna Gabaldon – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 3
Senate: Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford – ENDORSED
House: Representative Sally Ann Gonzales – ENDORSED
Representative Macario Saldate – ENDORSED
Legislative District 4
Senate: Representative Lynne Pancrazi – ENDORSED
House: Lisa Otondo – ENDORSED
Legislative District 6
Senate: Representative Tom Chabin – ENDORSED
House: Angela Lefevre – ENDORSED (read interview)
Doug Ballard – ENDORSED
Legislative District 7
Senate: Senator Jack Jackson – ENDORSED
House: Representative Albert Hale – ENDORSED
Legislative District 8
Senate: Barbara McGuire – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Emily Verdugo – ENDORSED (read interview)
Ernest Bustamante
Legislative District 9
Senate: Representative Steve Farley – ENDORSED
House: Mohur Sidhwa – ENDORSED (read interview)
Victoria Steele – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 10
Senate: David Bradley – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Stefanie Mach – ENDORSED
Representative Bruce Wheeler – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 11
Senate: Jo Holt – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: David Joseph – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 14
Senate: Patricia Fleming – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Mark Stonebraker – ENDORSED
Legislative District 15
House: Patricia Flickner – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 16
Senate: Scott Prior – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Matthew Cerra – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 17
Senate: Bill Gates – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Karyn Lathan – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 18
Senate: Jane Hydrick – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Darin Fisher – ENDORSED
Corey Harris – ENDORSED
Legislative District 19
Senate: Representative Anna Tovar
House: Mark Cardenas – ENDORSED
Legislative District 20
Senate: Michael Powell – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Tonya Norwood – ENDORSED
Jackie Thrasher – ENDORSED
Legislative District 21
Senate: Michael Tarrats – ENDORSED
House: Carol Lokare – ENDORSED (read interview)
Sheri Van Horsen – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 24
Senate: Representative Katie Hobbs – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Representative Chad Campbell – ENDORSED
Representative Lela Alston – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 25
Senate: Greg Gadek – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: David Butler – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 26
Senate: Representative Ed Ableser – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Andrew Sherwood – ENDORSED
Juan Mendez – ENDORSED
Legislative District 27
Senate: Senator Leah Landrum Taylor – ENDORSED
House: Representative Ruben Gallego – ENDORSED
Legislative District 28
Senate: Eric Shelley – ENDORSED (read interview)
House: Representative Eric Meyer – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 29
Senate: Senator Steve Gallardo – ENDORSED
House: Representative Martin Quezada – ENDORSED (read interview)
Legislative District 30
Senate: Senator Robert Meza
House: Representative Debbie McCune-Davis
Jonathan Larkin – ENDORSED

Local Endorsed Candidates
All of the following candidates for local offices have been endorsed by PPAA.

Maricopa County Supervisor
Lilia Alvarez
Maricopa County Health Board
Dr. Jonathan Weisbuch
Pima County Supervisor
Sharon Bronson
Richard Elías
Nancy Young Wright
Pima County Recorder
F. Ann Rodriguez
Pima County Treasurer
Elaine Richardson
Mayor of Glendale
Manuel Cruz (read interview)
Scottsdale City Council
Virginia Korte

Federal Endorsed Candidates
Planned Parenthood Action Fund proudly endorses the following candidates statewide for the general election on November 6, 2012.

United States Senate
Dr. Richard Carmona (read interview)
Congressional District 1
Ann Kirkpatrick
Congressional District 2
Ron Barber (read interview)
Congressional District 3
Raúl M. Grijalva
Congressional District 7
Ed Pastor
Congressional District 9
Kyrsten Sinema

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