The Pressure’s On: Now it Is Time to Kill House Bill 2036

I know we have asked a lot of you during this legislative session and you have taken action in a big way! You have sent more than 8,000 emails to lawmakers asking them to protect access to women’s health, and your time and efforts have paid off. HB2625, the Birth Control Discrimination Bill, has not moved forward and we have you to thank!

Now it is time to kill HB2036 — the bill that would make Arizona the state with the most extreme abortion ban in the nation. HB2036 will be heard in the House of Representatives very soon. This bill threatens doctors with criminal and civil penalties, forces women to continue pregnancies that are incompatible with life, and could delay cancer treatment for pregnant women.

This bill goes too far, and we must keep the pressure on to make sure that it never makes it to the governor’s desk.

Click here to send a message to these legislators and urge them to vote NO on HB2036.

Then, please call the following representatives urging them to vote NO!

Cecil P. Ash: 602-926-3160
Kate Brophy-McGee: 602-926-4486
Heather Carter: 602-926-5503
Russ Jones: 602-926-3002
Phil Lovas: 602-926-3297
Justin Olson: 602-926-5288
Michelle Ugenti: 602-926-4480
Ted Vogt: 602-926-3235
Vic Williams: 602-926-5839

4 thoughts on “The Pressure’s On: Now it Is Time to Kill House Bill 2036

  1. Kill this bill! Women deserve the right to confer with their doctor in order to determine whether or not abortion is appropriate for their particular situation. Many conservatives complain about ‘big government’ getting in everyone’s business, but then have no problem with the ‘big government’ getting into women’s personal health issues. VOTE NO!!!

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